Burgan Bank will hold its debut padel tournament, in El Padel Academy outdoor courts from 3-5 November 2022. The Tournament will take place over three days and will feature padel shops, F&B stalls, interactive crowd experiences, kids padel lessons and much more making it the perfect place to socialize, cheer for your favorite team and spend the day outdoors with family and friends.

The tournament includes seven (7) categories and is open to all nationalities and ages. The categories include:

1. Pro Men x 16 teams x 32 players

2. Pro Women x 16 teams x 32 players

3. Amateur Men x 32 teams x 64 players

4. Amateur Women x 32 teams x 64 players

5. Youth Boys (U16) x 32 teams x 64 players

6. Youth Girls (16) x 32 teams x 64 players

7. 50+ Men 16 teams x 32 players

Make sure to come, hungry and grab your healthy meal or drink from our food and beverage stalls or shop for the latest padel gear in one of the showcasing shops.

Be a part of this all-encompassing event that brings all padel lovers together in one place for three days of competition and fun!


Burgan Bank will hold its debut padel tournament, in El Padel Academy outdoor courts on November 3rd, 4th & 5th 2022. The Festival will include activities and experiences open for all!

Join us for an unforgettable padel tournament this November!

To register your team follow these steps:

  • Fill out this registration form
  • Choose the category that applies to you
  • Submit a registration fee of KD 30 to be paid online after the submission of this form.

Should you have any questions or need more information don’t hesitate to contact us at info@eightypercent.co or call us on 60758080

Available Categories

Pro Men (16 teams)   Pro Women (16 teams)   Amateur Men (32 teams)   Amateur Women (32 teams)   U16 Youth Boys (32 teams)   U16 Youth Girls (32 teams)   50+ Men (16 teams)   50+ Women (16 teams)


  • Registration is open to the above-mentioned categories, all nationalities are welcome to join.
  • All registration will be done online. Teams must fill out and submit the registration form to participate.
  • By submitting the online registration form, teams declare that all information provided is accurate and truthful.
  • Entry fee is KD 30, to be paid upon completing the registration form.
  • Pro Men registration is restricted to GCC national team athletes and certified coaches.
  • Pro Women registration is restricted to GCC national team athletes and certified coaches.
  • Once you have submitted the online registration form you will receive a confirmation email with the next steps.
  • All athletes will receive a tournament goody bag that includes a towel, t-shirt, water bottle and other gifts  from Burgan Bank and tournament supporters.
  • Burgan Bank staff members registering for the tournament will have to pay a security deposit of the same amount (KD 30), the amount will be refunded at the end of the tournament.


Last date to register October 20th 2022


General Rules

  • All teams must register prior to their first game
    All athletes must provide valid identification
  • All games shall be played in accordance with the FIP (International Padel Federation) unless otherwise specified by tournament organizers.
  • The competition draw and details will be released at least 72 hours prior and sent to all participating athletes and will be published online.
  • All matches will have an official referee.


Player and Audience Conduct

  • Players and audience members are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the laws of the State of Kuwait.
    Any display of offensive language, aggressive behaviour or unsportsmanlike conduct will result in: t

    • Athletes: the immediate disqualification of the team
    • Audience: ejection from the venue
  • Disqualified teams will be withdrawn from the rest of the tournament and will not be eligible for a refund.

–               The tournament organizers reserve the right to suspend any athlete, spectator or any other attendee from the tournament for any disruptive or disorderly conduct.


Prizes and Awards

Winners and runner-ups in all categories will receive monetary awards